Become a Member

Membership at Grace River is a covenant of relationship between you and the others who are members. It is an acknowledgement that this is where God has called you to serve in the Church of Jesus. It is an agreement that these are the people who will help you to grow in the Lord and whom you will also help to grow in the Lord. Check out our church covenant.

Steps to Membership

Take the membership class. This class will present the vision and mission of the church, while also helping you get to know our ministry and beliefs.

Fill out the Membership Questionnaire. This helps us to get to know your personal spiritual journey with Jesus, your church background, and some of the ways you may wish to connect in the body in the future.

Meet with some representatives of our Shepherd Leaders Team. They have the responsibility to meet with potential members and affirm, with you, that God has called you and placed you in this church.

When you and the Shepherd Leaders have affirmed that this is God’s place for you, we will “officially“ bring you into membership by having you stand before the congregation and read, with them, our church covenant.

Get involved!