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Weekly Sermon Study

December 4, 2016    Pastor Scott Kearns

Plugged Into the Power

John 16:23-24Mark 9:38-40 • Acts 3:1-8

Sermon Summary

We have authority in the power Jesus name both to heal and cast out demonic forces yet for some reason we seem to be fearful or unwilling to use Jesus name as a weapon of our warfare. Boldness in our walk fully recognizing the authority that Jesus has given us.

However, Boldness isn't brashness and we must remember that God is God and we are not. Whether someone we pray for gets healed or not is not up to us. We are still subject the the all knowing almighty God whom we serve.

If we have faithfully prayed in all sincerity, then we have done our part and by faith we trust God to do his part. 

In Acts 3 Peter and John , with all boldness and most likely at the urging of the Holy Spirit were fully expecting the cripple beggar to arise and be fully healed, all for the Glory of God as it was God who did the healing. Peter and John were simply the willing vessels God used.